Doublebogey6.com was set up in 2012 and we provide free golf betting selections to beat the bookies!

About Dave

My name is Dave and I am from Dublin. I have been a keen golfer since I was a kid and play off a handicap of 7. I am a member of a golf club in Dublin and have played in a lot of Leinster Club Championships with some great success. I have been a golf fan/player/enthusiast for many years and have been betting on golf for about 15 years and have always shown a steady profit annually. I have developed an in depth knowledge of the players and tournaments on the PGA Tour and use this in my weekly analysis.

For the 38+ PGA Tour events I cover annually, I combine my knowledge with statistical research to build a shortlist of players I think have a chance of winning in any given week. I have all my previous selections and results recorded on the top of the homepage of the website. Although I won’t get a winner every single week, I do believe that over the course of the PGA Tour season I will show a healthy profit.

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Although I have enjoyed providing free selections on the golf for nearly four seasons now, I have decided that the time has come to make this website a subscription only service and charge a small monthly fee for my selections. A lot of time and effort goes into making my selections every week and I feel that its only right to receive a small fee for all the work that goes into writing a weekly preview on a PGA Tour event.

This will not take place immediately but possibly next season. People already on the mailing list will receive a special introductory offer so please feel free to sign up and take advantage! I will still be providing two free selections every week so be sure to sign up and avail of these free selections and get them directly to your inbox.

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